Room Clearance Training

Room Clearance Training at our Newport venue.


Whether you are a cadet forces section, an airsoft team or another group, if you are looking to improve the speed and accuracy when completing room clearance drills, then we have the perfect training venue for you!

Our 3500 square foot facility is spread over two floors with meeting/ training rooms, toilets, café and seating area, storage, office as well as our custom built training ‘house’ with multiple themed rooms including a staff room with kitchenette, office, bathroom, workspace crawl spaces and corridors. There is also a four lane interactive shooting range as well as a private and secure outdoor compound with training vehicles.

Watch & Hear         In Real Time

The facility is equipped with audio and visual recording abilities which can be viewed live in a control room by a trainer or other participants and facilitates visual self-analysis and/or critical examination after a set task has been undertaken. This media can also be provided to take away after the session for further review or evidence of competence.

There is also the option to change the audio and visual environment within the facility by reducing lighting levels, having flashing and/or strobe lighting, a variety of background noises and even smoke and/or pyrotechnics; all to make training as realistic and varied as possible.

To provide an even greater degree of visual and audio analysis of performance, participants can also be supplied with specialist glasses which not only record anything which is said, however, they will also record exactly what the participant Is looking at. These glasses even allow for the camera to be positioned just above the shooters dominant eye, therefore allowing you to capture the view directly down the firearm, from the participants own perspective.

All of this media can be not only be recorded for review, however, it can also be transmitted to our control room to allow a trainer and/or other participants a real time view of what is being seen by the individual/s wearing the glasses.


What They See

Train with your own equipment* or let us supply it!

For more information about the equipment we use,

visit the Force on Force training page.

*Equipment used must meet certian safety and practical requirements, please contact us to discuss the equipment you wish to use.