Current Approaches to Training

Historically, training providers wishing to train individuals in the use of firearms, have had two main options open to them dependant on whether or not they had access to live fire weapons, these options included:


It is fair to say that Simunition training equipment is an extremely realistic option for force on force and force on target training, however, it also has its draw backs. As the system relies upon conversion of real world firearms, not only do you need to purchase the conversation kits, you also need to purchase the firearms in the first place. These can not only be expensive, but if you are a civilian company or organisation delivering armed training, it can be legally impossible in the UK.

Other drawbacks also include the fact that the individual price of a Simunition round is expensive when compared to a paintball and also has a shorter shelf life. The use of Simunition rounds also requires more protective equipment than compared to paintballing which only requires face protection.


Airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and styles and although they do allow you to select from a vast range of weapons which are often exact replicas of real world firearms and are relatively cheap to operate, many people simply do not act during training in the way that they would during a real life scenario. The fact is that many people simply aren’t concerned with being hit by a small piece of plastic, which although may sting, is not going to hurt and as a result, individuals do not train in the most realistic way.


Our Approach

Our Markers
We believe that the use of modern paintball markers takes the positive aspects from the existing options without the major draw backs. The kinetic energy transfer at impact from a paintball marker is around 12 joules (depending on the exact marker and projectile used) compared to the much lower transfer of around 2 joules from an Airsoft weapon. This difference means that people are far more concerned with being hit by a paintball marker and therefore act in a much more realistic manner when fired upon, without the need for the level of protective equipment and higher cost associated with other training methods.

They say that seeing is believing, so believe me when I say that below is a selection of paintball markers that we can provide to ensure the most realistic close range training with ‘pain penalties’ to help participants to learn.

Rifle 1
Rifle 2


When people think about paintballs, most people wrongfully think of the ‘standard’ paintball which they may have seen or used at paintball sites across the country. As paintball markers have developed over the years to provide a more realistic training environment, so to have the projectiles that they can fire and all of our markers are able to use a variety of rounds dependant on the specific nature of the training, including:

Standard Paintballs
Standard Paintballs - This is the standard paintball that most people automatically think of when you say paintball. These balls are great for when you want a marking round which very obviously shows where you hit.
Clear Paintballs
Clear Paintballs - These paintballs are filled with a food grade clear liquid but has the advantage of being more easily cleaned from equipment/walls etc. These are great for when you don’t want or can’t have the mess of paint and particularly useful for when using our force on target training system.
Shaped Paintballs
Shaped Paintballs - Advancements in design have led to the creation of shaped paintballs which use a more aerodynamic shape as well as fin stabilization technology. As a result, these rounds give a greater degree of range and accuracy.
Powder Balls
Powder Balls- These balls are made from inert materials and have a hard outer shell which breaks open to release a powder core on impact. This means that both the shell and dust can simply be hoovered up if required and are therefore great for when no mess can be left.

Our Equipment

As well as using modern paintball markers and a variety of projectiles, we also have access to a variety of high end tactical and training equipment including:

⦁ Tactical vests, holsters and slings
⦁ Variety of grenades including flash bangs, thermobaric, smoke and fragmentation
⦁ Various land mines, booby traps & claymores
⦁ Mortars and various working 40mmm grenade launchers
⦁ Firing M72 Law and AT4 rocket launchers
⦁ Riot equipment
⦁ Method of entry equipment including training breaching charges
⦁ Pyrotechnics including:
⦁ Electric maroons
⦁ Flashpots & Smoke puffs
⦁ Smoke bursts of various colours
⦁ Gunfire simulators
⦁ Petrol bomb simulation

Dependant on the exact requirements of the training and considering the need for realism, the location being used and budget, the equipment used can be varied to meet exacting requirements. We are able to use both pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic as well as blank fire munitions to accommodate these requirements as well as to comply with different organisations safety requirements. All of the equipment that we use is tested by the manufacturers to comply with various safety regulations for use within the United Kingdom and is operated by trained and insured individuals.

With the range of realistic and immersive equipment that we are able to provide, we believe we offer excellent opportunities to increase the realism of a variety of training including:
⦁ Armed Close protection training
⦁ Room clearance & CQB Training
⦁ Public order training
⦁ Battlefield/warzone simulation
⦁ And other forms of training which requires the highest level of realism.

Tactical Equipment

Advanced Interactive Electronic Target System

In addition to our range of modern paintball markers and tactical training equipment, we also utilise a sophisticated interactive target system in several different ways.

We have multiple targets mounted inside of a trailer which creates a mobile shooting range for participants to be able to both familiarise themselves with our markers as well as to learn and practice the required safety procedures for operating them if required as part of the training package.

Once individuals are familiarised with the equipment, to create the most realistic training package for urban and CQB environments, we are then able to mount the electronic system inside silhouettes and position them anywhere within a room or building. This not only provides users with immediate feedback when targets are hit, but also quantifiable data in relation to performance which can later be downloaded to computer for analysis including reaction times and overall times to complete set objectives. The targets can be set up to illuminate in a variety of colours as well as multiple times, therefore allowing for a variety of potential scenarios to be set up as well as meaning that operators need to process what they are seeing and decide what action to take; do they engage or not engage the potential target/s?

The interactive system allows for excellent force on target training to take place and is operated using a wireless controller and allows for as many or as few targets as required.

The system can be set up quickly and easily at any venue after consultation with your organisations training team and a brief regarding the desired outcomes; this therefore turns any environment into an interactive training facility. Participants not only get a realistic and immediate visual response, but the system can also help to improve:

  • Decision making under stress
  • Cognitive processing
  • Central and peripheral awareness
  • Dynamic movement

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