RAPTOR (Responsive Aiming & Tactical Operation Range) is as far as we can find, the first of its kind anywhere in the UK and uses magazine fed paintball markers and a variety of tactical equipment to deliver a more realistic and unique paintball experience. Many people are put off from taking part in paintball because of the physical nature of the game and the pain from being hit! Well, our range takes the ‘pain’ out of paintball by shooting at interactive targets which don’t shoot back, all within a relaxed yet competitive environment! Our range is completely mobile; although it is mounted into a custom-built exhibition trailer, it can also be easily removed and set up inside suitable venues. This means that it can be taken to both public events such as fetes, festivals, shows and markets as well as private events such as birthdays, stag/hen parties, team building, cadet/scout camps, corporate days or anything else you may want to use it for anywhere in England and Wales!


Rather than using traditional paintball markers which have large co2 tanks on the back as well as large ‘hoppers’ to carry the paintballs, we use a relatively new design of paintball marker which are referred to as ‘Magazine Fed’. These markers were first introduced for law enforcement training as they operate in a similar way to real world firearms by using magazines to load the paintballs and have a concealed air tank in the stock to bring an air of realism that can’t be gained using traditional markers!

The markers have other features such as a change lever, magazine release catch and a charging handle to ‘cock’ the marker all in the same way as a real firearm, without the dangers of live ammunition! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as hearing the “clunk” of the new magazine as you put it in which you simply don’t get by carefully pouring paintballs into the ‘hopper’ of a traditional paintball marker!

Safe handling of the marker will be taught regardless of the event that the range is at, however, when used for private events, due to the functions that the markers have, it is possible to learn/ practice stoppage drills, magazine changes, weapon transition drills (switching from rifle to pistol) and also simple fire and manoeuvre procedures all in a safe, fun and exciting environment whilst also competing against the clock, your friends or both! To make the experience even more realistic, we also use holsters, tactical vests and distraction grenades for use during our private hire periods and can set up various scenarios based around the range as required.


The range itself can accommodate multiple people shooting at any one time shooting on different ‘shooting lanes’ and has a variety of ‘game modes’ which can be selected based on the event it is at as well as the age and ability of those using it. Participants can then either compete against the clock, other participants or both, using different modes which include:

All on mode – All targets are illuminated and a score is gained every time you hit one. This mode can either be set to a predetermined time or can go for as long as required; perfect for younger participants as well as for marker familiarisation.
Step on mode– One target is illuminated which changes as soon as you hit it; this continues until a pre-determined time period has elapsed or a set number of targets have been hit, whichever comes first!
Automatic step on mode – This mode is the same as the step on mode however the target automatically changes to another random target, after a pre-determined amount of time; whether you hit the target or not!

Just to make things more interesting, when shooting in some of the game modes, some of the targets will light up green, which is our ‘no shoot’ colour. Participants hitting these targets will also have the hit recorded and points deducted from their overall total; it’s not just about speed, it’s about speed and accuracy!

How Do I Book

Simply fill out the enquiry form with as much detail as you can and ideally a date or dates that you have in mind and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

What are the requirements for the range to come to my venue?

Our range is completely mobile and can be taken to any event location in England and Wales. The range itself needs an area of 6 meters by 12 meters and can be set up outside or indoors provided there is sufficient suitable access.

For extended hire periods, the range may require electricity, however, as well as a solar charging system, it also has an electrical hook up as well as a generator.

How Much Is It?

How much is it?

Our unique paintball range along with all of the advanced equipment can be set up at any venue in England and Wales that you have permission to use for £250 for the first two hours and then £50 per hour after that.

Are you running a large event, want to hire the range for periods of over 6 hours or on multiple days or occasions? If so, contact us to discuss your requirements as we have other packages available in this circumstances.

What About The Hidden Extras?

We believe in being open and transparent about not only the experience that you get, but also the price! We dont lure you in with a cheap deal and then charge you a fortune for the paintballs you use like most sites that charge you up to £10 per hundred paintballs!

We want you to enjoy your experience and not have to stress about the cost of the paintballs, so, we provide them at the heavily discounted cost of £3 per hundred!

As the range is mobile, we obviously have to get to you and for this reason, the price listed is for a booking within 10 miles of one of our bases which are in Bridgwater (Somerset) and Warrington (Cheshire). We can and do travel all over England and Wales to provide as many people as possible with our fantastic experience; if the location is further than 10 miles, just let us know exactly where you are and we will work out the cost of getting the range to you.

What Experience Do I Need?

None, almost any one of any age or ability, with or without experience can take part in this activity.

What Are The Age Limits?

Their is no minimum age to enjoy our interactive range at shows/events as the markers have rests on the them to allow smaller individuals to not have to support the full weight and they will be given 1:1 assistance. We have even had children as young as three experience the thrill of firing our paintball markers!

For children to get the most out of our private hire experiences where they can take part in various activities and challenges using our markers, they must be able to safely hold and operate the markers unassisted so we do recommend it for those 12+ years to fully benefit from the experience, however, the age is only given as a guideline.

There is no maximum age limit for this activity.

What Is The Minimum/Maximum Group Size?

There is no minimum or maximum group size for private bookings, as the price to hire the range is based upon the length of time that you wish to use it.

The more people you have in your group, the less it will effectively cost per head, however, the less time each person will get to shoot.

As multiple people can shoot at anyone time, we usually suggest that for a good compromise between the length of time shooting and cost, that a group of 10-15 is about right.

What Clothing Should I Wear?

There are no specific clothing requirements to take part, however, please do dress for the changeable British weather and wear securely attached footwear (no flip flops etc).

Will It Hurt?

No, the markers are only used to shoot the targets and at no time will participants be shot at…..even if he/she is the stag/hen and you think it would be funny!

Is It Safe?

Yes, safety is paramount when taking part in all of our activities and we hold appropriate insurance just in case. The activity is based around using a variety of equipment to shoot at targets; meaning no should be hurt.

What are the paintballs made from?

The paintballs that we use are made from food grade materials and will decompose without causing harm to wildlife or the environment.

When our system is mounted within its trailer, the majority of the paintballs and the ‘paint’ remain inside the trailer itself and are collected in containers through a gutter system. We can also layout netting on the floor immediately in front of the range to collect and shell fragments that make there way outside of the trailer if operating in any area where this is required.

I have a disability, can i take part?

Absolutely, R.A.P.T.O.R is an inclusive activity and if we are made aware that a member/s of the group have a certain disability or condition, we can modify the way in which the session is run or the equipment that is used. An example of this is that our rifles have a hand grip which has a bi-pod inside of it, this means they can be shot one handed as well as rested on a table as required.

Still have a question?

If you have a question which has not been answered, would like further detail or would like to discuss anything else, please feel free to message us through our contact us page, email or phone.