Bringing the fun to you!

      Interactive Mobile Paintball Range is great for Team Building, Corporate Days, Stag Do’s, Hen Do’s or for friends/ family wanting some fun.

The mobile range always draws attention where ever it goes!

This maybe because of the black trailer it comes in , or maybe because of the giant R.A.P.T.O.R logo on the gazebo roof, however, it’s usually because of the cheering and fantastic atmosphere that it creates! 

When your looking for something different to do, this is the perfect activity for private hire events such as birthdays, anniversaries, family events, weddings, stag/hen parties as well village/county shows and much more.

The range is completely self sufficient and can be set up any where in England and Wales; everywhere from village halls, private gardens or even the middle of a field! 

Interested?      Don’t hesitate……   contact us to enquire about availability and pricing

The perfect soloution when you need to……..

Organise an activity for an event

Escape the house

Celebrate a birthday/anivesary!

Reduce screen time


Experienced Instructors


Great Value Packages


High Levels of Safety & Care


Advanced Electronic Targeting System


A Variety of Game Modes


An Inclusive Experience

 The Kit

Rather than using ‘traditional’ paintball guns; which are known as markers (as they ‘mark’ what they hit), we use a type which were first created for military and  law enforcement units to train with!

This means that the equipment is amongst the most realistic and  advanced paintball guns on the planet! They are so realistic that they take magazines, have safety switches and magazine releases and even charging handle’s to ‘cock’ the marker just like a real firearm.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as hearing the “clunk” of the magazine as you load it; something you simply dont get by carefully pouring paintballs into traditional paintball guns!

Safe handling of the equipment as well as fundementals of shooting will always be taught, however, for those who already know there way around a firearm, individuals can also learn/ practice stoppage drills, magazine changes, switching from rifle to pistol or using holsters.

The Range

The range is a specially converted exhibition trailer so is not only portable, but also relatively small in size; meaning it can be used at a range of venues! Up to three people can shoot at the same time on one of three ‘shooting lanes’, however, there’s no limit to the number of people who can take part!

If the kit we use wasn’t exciting enough, within the trailer is an advanced electronic interactive target system! I hear you thinking, ‘what makes it interactive? dont worry, it doesn’t shoot back at you, however, it does have a variety of game modes’ which require you to carry out different actions!

The different games can be selected depending on the type of event as well as the age and ability of those using it; try to shoot as many targets as you can in a set time, how fast can you hit a set number of targets; which can move after being hit or can you hit only the bad guys? 

Compete against the clock, other participants or both; we even have a score board for those that are competitive!

Can you make it onto the leaderboard?

Could you be the fastest shot of the year?